• Assist with detecting areas of high financial leakages and design appropriate strategies to enforce compliance with operational process affecting revenue
  • Assist with carrying out periodic Quality Assurance (QA) on revenue protection processes and recommend improvement opportunities
  • Assist the CSV team to ensure changes to the database structure follow the laid down processes to prevent loss of revenue
  • Liaise with relevant units and departments in confirming the integrity and assurance of Energy Received
  • Perform assurance test on energy shared across feeders, Business Units and Undertakings
  • Perform Quality Assurance on Revenues Billed across business units
  • Assist with conducting periodic Review of Standard Operating Process within entire revenue value chain
  • Perform revenue assurance test on revenue and billing activities
  • Access structures put in place to detect and avoid energy theft
  • Develop and effect strategies required to reduce revenue leakage
  • Assist in effecting strategies required to boost revenue and increase collection efficiency  
  • Responsible for updating and monitoring compliance to Standard Operating Processes for the Commercial Department.
  • Analyze data that cuts across Billing, Population, Energy, Tariff and IT systems deployed in order to identify areas of high leakages and process gaps and recommend strategies for blocking them

Minimum qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 1-2 years relevant work experience in a similar role.

Technical Competencies

  • Proficiency in Microsoft office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Good Data Analytic Skills
  • Good Data presentation skills
  • Good report writing skills

Behavioral Competencies

  • Good Team working skills
  • Willingness to take additional responsibilities
  • Time and resource management capabilities